GRUPPA is the new Sports Platform that connects people directly with individual trainers without a subscription. You can choose from a whole range of sports. You decide which sport, when you want to train, the trainer and the type of training (private or grouptraining). You pay the trainer through this platform, ready yourself and go train. That’s how simple it is. No subscription. You choose.

This idea was born out of frustration in 2017. We were not able to sign up for an exclusive sports program in Amsterdam. We went looking for other sport opportunities. We felt that there was not a clear location to find something comparable or a clear overview of what is on offer in Amsterdam. It is often difficult to try a new sport because you are quickly committed to a subscription (e.g. a multiple training pass that you have to finish within 4 weeks).

We decided to do something about this and the outcome was GRUPPA. An easy & accessible platform for a variety of sports without being held down by a subscription that is always more expensive in the long-run. Scientific research has shown that in 80% of the cases a subscription is more expensive than paying for one-off trainings. Consider all those times that you don’t go (work-related, a vacation, or the one too many drinks from the night before). The fun thing about GRUPPA is that you can try out different sports. With a subscription you are often tied to one type of training. Whether you want to bootcamp, yoga, golf or kitesurf, GRUPPA makes it happen.

With a clear and diverse passion for sports we feel that we still have something to offer in the sportsworld. Whether its improving in your current sport or trying something new, with GRUPPA its possible. Through its simplicity GRUPPA helps strip down barriers for all people to get engaged in sports training on their own terms.

Curious? Try it! Let us know how you get on!

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